Plus Size SwimWear

You may not be a size small, but you're ready to show your goodies this summer by the pool or the beach! Ladies, I suggest separates also ... simply cause you can mix and match your swimwear. 

If you're anything like me ...
1. You may be tired of looking like everyone else who could afford a Victoria's Secret bikini such as yourself or 2. You may be terrified to end up at some event or beach matching someone else in the crowd who may also be wearing a Victoria's Secret swimsuit (who may even look possibly better than you) or 3. You may love designer swimwear, but over $50, muchless spending more than $100, $200 on some lil' piece of fabric is out of the question or 4. You may need a gazillion bathing suits, since you can't be photographed in the same one twice, at least not too soon! or 5. Plus Size ladies, you can't find cute swimwear in your size. 

Two of my St.Lucian friends come to mind for this tip ... "mix n match" your swim wear, but I've perfected the idea. So my advice is buy tons of solids and prints bikini tops and bottoms for little or nothing, and maybe treat yourself to at least one expensive bikini a year. .. And that's not even necessary. It's just that designer swimwear looks more luxurious (top notch styles, materials, embellishments and hardware). ... And certainly don't forget to incorporate your oldies and favorites that still look great with the newbies. So there are endless combinations and possibilities. 

I have learnt from seeing one of my plus size cousins ... layer with a cover up. Certainly if you're the least bit concerned! One way to be extra glam. With these tips, you will never have to look the same twice! So HAPPY SHOPPING.

And why not stock up from now, than to wait for summer?

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