TRAVELISTA TV: Welcome to Antigua

I've previously posted about TRAVELISTA TV, two young black women documenting their worldly travels in sexy style. Travelista TV hosts Andrea and Teri jet set around the world in search of the good life - adventure, culture, cuisine, music, parties, and star-studded events!

The most recent trip, Travelista TV headed to Antigua and Barbuda, two islands full of diversity, culture and a quiet luxury. Travelista Teri became familiar with the island’s popular music, the local pastimes, and the regional cuisine. Check out the video where Teri eats a "stinky toe", and heads to Mount Obama.
... And the pair documented Trinidad Carnival 2010!

PS. It being girlfriend month and all ... I can't wait to go on vacay, LADIES ONLY!

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  1. Thanks The Sweet 7! We can't wait to get back to the islands. Antigua and Barbuda are so lovely!!