Comando Tiburon Ripping Off Soca Music

Yesterday, I awoke to this article from Trinidad Carnival Diary, "PALANCE Is that You?" Trinidad Carnival Diary's blogger, Saucy stated ""Jingle PH2011" is being touted as having been produced by "Mista Bombo" for Comando Tiburon (a quartet of Spanish Reggae Panama)." ... And many an article about Mista Bombo claims that he is the PRODUCER of Jingle PH 2011 also known as (aka) in Trinidad & Tobago and to those of us who know it as PALANCE!

Why am I passionate about PALANCE?
Thanks to JW and Blaze, PALANCE was not only a soca song, it infiltrated and impacted my life in 2010. It was the most played song during Trinidad Carnival 2010.  I lost my two big toe nails, and later more all because of palance.  I spent most of 2010, painting toes that did not even have nails.  LOL!  All because of this hefty man who was palancing and landed on my toes, during Trinidad Carnival Tuesday at about 5pm, causing me to quit, missing last lap and having to limp for days cause I was in real pain.  

Since palance was not a stand still kind of song, I even studied the 'SOCIAL PALANCE' for my heel wearing but not for long.  By DC Carnival, I doubted my ability to palance in heels in the post 'I Can't Palance in These ...' By the time Caribana rolled round, I was a new student to the art of palancing in heels. I even teased "No broken anything. LOL!" in my 'My Caribana 2010 Journal'. It was this new found palancing in heels confidence, which started 'My New Carnival Debate - SHOES'. By the time it was Miami Carnival, I deserved an award for 'PALANCING IN HEELS.' Thanks to palance and the impact it's had on my carnival life, I was ready to put wedges on the road to the test for Miami Carnival.  I survived. ... And outlasted 2 days, Trinidad Carnival 2011, Monday and Tuesday in wedges!
JW and Blaze even had Beyonce palancing in Club Zen and even had Japanese people palancing at a fete in Japan.  

So tell me again, who was this Mista Bombo now claiming that he produced PALANCE aka in Panama as ' Jingle PH 2011'? I started to google and found Mista Bombo's Facebook page and I wrote him as a disgruntled fan, he responded.

I said: Mista Bombo did not produce this song.  Here is the original from JW and Blaze (Trinidad and Tobago) from Trinidad Carnival 2010.  With the YOUTUBE link for PALANCE. Mista Bombo are you a thief? (Ok, I was emotional.  I am a fan of PALANCE.)

Mista Bombo's response: Jingle PH 2011 ... they're accustom of doing it with covers from previous years so I continued the habit.  

... And there are other ripped off songs, not just PALANCE!

From further digging .... I discovered that Comando Tiburon has jingles for various years too. Their 2010 jingle samples 'Reel 2 Real - I Like To Move It',  even Jamaican dancehall artiste, 'Busy Signal - Picante' and others.  So if Comando Tiburon is sampling songs, how can 'Jingle PH 2011' and in many an article claim that Mista Bombo is the producer of  what we know as PALANCE?  I even started to search for the Trinidad producer of PALANCE, Kernel Roberts. Kernel Roberts has a legendary father, the late Aldwyn “Kitchener” Roberts, a grandmaster of calypso.  My fears were put to rest when I read about Kernel Roberts' extensive soca hit list.

So discovering that PALANCE, this "Jingle PH2011" is being touted as having been produced by "Mista Bombo" for Comando Tiburon (a quartet of Spanish Reggae Panama)" was big enough of a blow in just one day.  By evening, one more unimaginable blow, ran on my newsfeed, posted by Soca Dread:

"‎JW & Blaze aren't the first Soca artist to be ripped off by "Comando Tiburon." "Comando Tiburon" has been ripping off Soca for some time now, checkout this rip off of Blazer Dan (R.I.P) "Stage" that was uploaded to Daily Motion on 25/06/07." I must add uploaded by ZI CARLOS: Website: /

... And the point of all of this?

If the fact that Comando Tiburon is ripping off Trinidad soca music means nothing to you ... do note that whomever this ZI CARLOS is ... his page has a total of 25,985,916 views. Yes, that's almost 26 million views! Views from fans that the real artistes and producers are not getting credited for.

Comando Tiburon, Principal, Phantom, Predi-Quemona Vete

Comando Tiburon, Principal, Phantom... by ZICARLOS

Blazer Dan - Stage

So who is Comando Tibur├│n? 

Commando Tiburon is a quartet of Spanish Reggae Panama which is made ​​up of 4 men djs: DJ Rolo, DJ Flecha, DJ Magnetic and DJPhantom.

Shark Command was founded in 2000 with 4 former radio DJ's: DJ Flecha, DJ Rolo, DJ Andy and DJ Magnetic with the idea of recording songs and rhythms used to give a change to music for many years they put on parties, clubs and radio stations of Panama City.

In 2004 a large number of songs recorded, the company Sony Music Central signing with them for distribution throughout Central America of its new CD "Commando Tiburon" which blends various rhythms such as reggae, soca, Panamanian folkloric rhythms including. In 2008, the group signed an agreement with 3 presentations of Mexico and Sony Music Mexico with what this group comes to business in Mexico and the United States.

Trinidadian Guardian: The Copyright Music Organisation of Trinidad and Tobago (COTT) probes Latin remake of Palance

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  1. this whole thing made me so mad, how can you basically make your name and your living by ripping off other people's talent?? And to copy an internationally known road march winner of all things...smh. i really hope he at least gets fined or is made to pay them whatever profit he has made off of the song!

  2. I just told my friend Ileen about this whole drama....she is Panamanian. She loves Soca, she admitted she grew up hearing it her whole life in Panama and when she would visit family in Belize, she knew nothing about Trinidad or Carnival till she moved to Miami and she would say "Hey this is a Panamanian song" and we would correct her and say "No its a Trini song".

  3. And the list goes on... Take a listen.

  4. I'm still SHOCKED at this whole thing. My mouth straight DROPPED to the ground when I saw the video!!! The blatant and BOLEFACE TEEFERY!!!!! In this day and age?! I hope COTT doesn't drop the ball....

  5. THey also did a destra song too damn thieves

  6. So far we've read about at least three soca songs they ripped off. Who knows how many other songs they've claimed to produce!!! This have me REALLLLL MAADDDDD!!!!!! Ok so you're entitled to sample 2 bars of a song. But o GOSH MAN!! Yuh go thief a WHOLE 3 songs, blatant so????