Model Kate Upton Teaches Us How to 'DOUGIE'

Never heard, the name KATE UPTON till last weekend when she decided at a basketball game on Saturday, in Staples Center to 'TEACH ME HOW TO DOUGIE,' the popular song and dance craze from California Swag District. Lately the Urban Dictionary has become very much a part of my life. Find DOUGIE meaning.

Along with her video came the gossip too, the Sport Illustrated model is rumored to be dating rapper, Kanye West. Kate Upton, 18, is a former Dooney & Bourke, Victoria’s Secret model and Guess spokeswoman who shot to fame this year after appearing in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit issue.

Anyway KATE made me smile.  It was just so endearing with just the right amount of cocky! I suppose just seeing a white girl, gettin' her black on!  I loved it! Her video is becoming quite the viral sensation.  

... And do visit her official KATE UPTON site,
her video there is even steamier!

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