Nostalgic Beauty Products

Remember these products ... Noxzema Deep Cleansing Cream, Dettol Antibacterial Soap & Royal Crown Hair Dressing? ... And if you don't, just visit a St.Lucian (Caribbean) drugstore. Lately, I've brought the nostalgic products back into my life, to my surprise.

My daughter kept complaining about itchy skin after showers. A reminder of my sensitive skin during childhood. So awful that my clothes had to be washed separately in baby soap. So last week, I figured it was time to use one of four bars of Dettol antibacterial soap that I had stored for ages under my bathroom sink. A stash that was part of my "shop the Caribbean supermarket/drugstore to return to the United Sates" items which make me feel like I have not left home. I suppose to have a medicine arsenal of products which are familiar. Examples of those products are cocoa butter, soft candle, epsom salts, sulphur powder, shilling oil, even vicks.  LOL!

So I handed her the soap, with no mention that this 'Dettol' bar was extra special. For heaven's sake, I grew up on Dettol Topical Antiseptic Liquid. My mom would dilute some in water and apply it to my cuts in my tomboy childhood days. I even got the nickname 'Det' in my teens, cause I did the stupidest thing. I had bad acne on my forehead and decided one night before bed, to apply some Dettol to a cotton pad. Where I went wrong? I did not dilute the Dettol and if that was not enough, I taped the cotton pad of undiluted Dettol to my forehead for the night! Ohhhh ... I woke up the next morning with a raw, burnt forehead which left ugly scarring for a long time. Hence the nickname 'Det' for many years. When I went to college, I'd return with Dettol as if it were the only thing next to Godliness. I trusted no other floor cleaner and it took me years to get over, weighing down my suitcases with Dettol.  My Dettol OCD has calmed down, though it can be found in my house still!

So my lil one walks out the shower, "My skin isn't itching me!" ... And once again, feeling that now I was passing on the holy grail of cleansers, Dettol to one more generation. I even discovered from reading the packaging that Dettol soap can be used to wash hair also. So I sat there, and realized not only have I been using Dettol lately, but also Nozema Deep Cleansing Cream and  Royal Crown Hair Dressing.

Nozema Deep Cleansing Cream was a quick drugstore pickup cause of it's price and the pump appealed to me. What a welcome change to remove makeup ... and I'm enjoying the Noxzema 'tingle' which I'd forgotten!

... And my favorite most recent nostalgic buy was Royal Crown Hair Dressing. No shame, I love grease and this product is cheap! Grease in my hair means shine and that's exactly what Royal Crown provides. Who knew it was used by the greatest Rock'n'Roll performers of the 1950s? Also here's how to get naturally longer silky straight hair with no relaxer!  

Which nostalgic beauty products do you use now or would like to include into your routine? 


  1. O yes, we had Dettol in our house as well, lol!! Another one was Limacol... just the smell of it now brings back childhood memories :)