Zigwa Carnival 2012 - The True Essence of Trinidad Carnival

Hate to say it, while many are flocking to the typical Trinidad Carnival sites to view pictures, I have not the slightest desire. It's become quite the popularity contest and a 'who's who?' 'Though I've contemplated being a bandwagonist of sorts, by posting every Trinidad Carnival website which pops up with pictures, I've decided against it, not until now. 

There's something completely different about the Zigwa Carnival 2012 album ... the photographers seemed to have captured the true essence of Trinidad Carnival. ... And for the first time in a very long time, I've thoroughly enjoyed a carnival album ... so much so I had to caption the few pictures I've reposted here! LOL!

Oye ... wave yuh flag!

Grandpa look like he had one too many!  He barely standing. LOL!

The Indians!

We forget the handwork that goes into making our costumes!

He look like Fay Ann's St.Lucian produced song "MISS BEHAVE ... Jump on The Ground and Roll" was playing!

The steel drum!  
 Beads and feathers in all its glory!

Traditional mas

Dancing under blue skies!

And got to love the country which evokes such good feeling ... TRINIDAD & TOBAGO!
Photo Source: ZIGWA