Is This A New Breed of Men?

Halle Berry's ex-b/f, Gabriel Aubry wants $15,000 a month to 'maintain' their daughter, Nahla's lifestyle. Read here. I can hear some men saying "Why not? Women do it all the time!" ... but once again, call me old fashioned, A MAN JUST CAN'T BE A MAN if he is asking a woman to pay what should be his responsibility, that of THEIR CHILD. HIS CHILD. SORRY! Just seems like a major flaw in his character.

Maybe you need to get familiar with my previous posts "Pet Peeve: A Cheap Person and "Bank On The View: Love & Money."

While Gab is pussying around for Halle's money, Karrine Steffans' (The Vixen Diaries) twitter rant yesterday evening , surely must have emasculated her husband. 

Talk about keeping it real!

What do you think?

BTW ... Happy International Women's Day!

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