How To Wear High Waisted Shorts

Becky left this message in the S7 chat box, "Hey Nyree I'm looking for some ideas of how to rock high waist shorts 4 the carnival season" and of course I happily obliged.  ... And since St.Lucia's carnival season is in July and we're located in the Tropics, I focused mainly on high waisted shorts with crop tops and bikini wear. Visit The Sweet 7 Pinterest: High Waisted Shorts.

High waisted shorts elongate your legs and accentuate your waist. They are also a solution to every girl’s dread: the muffin top. The key is to find bottoms that hit your natural waist and hugs your hips.  They will be unflattering on you if there is bunching of the fabric.
How To Rock High Waisted Shorts

1. Consider the top. A tank or simple t-shirt will look chic with high waisted shorts, but pair them with a button-down dress shirt for a Katherine Hepburn aesthetic.

2. Tuck in your shirt. This allows you to show off your new stylish shorts by tucking in your shirt. This not only emphasizes your waist line, it lets everyone see your trendsetting ways. Do not waste the sky high style of these zipper waist denim shorts. Pair with a white button down or cute short sleeved blouse. When tucking, don’t pull the top out too much because this adds volume to your waist. Also, do not tuck in too much or else you will look stiff and uncomfortable.

3. Wear them with a cropped top. High waist shorts can take care of another trend; cropped tops. Combining the two will prevent any excess skin showing without sacrificing fashion. The only skin people will see is the part between your belly button and ribcage, the tiniest place on most girls’ torsos.

4. Retro fabulous If showing skin does not bother you, pair your high waist shorts with a simply bikini top for a French Riviera look. Worn as a cover up, a pair of high waist sailor shorts looks fabulous. A tiny bustier like this lingerie inspired top is meant to be worn with high waist shorts. Continue the pin up girl feel with a cardigan sweater, wedges and red lipstick. 

5. Chic styling. A black V-neck paired with high waist hot pants and black gladiator sandals is pure modern chic. Add an armful of bangles and a hippie headband to give the style a casually cool look. 

6. Let's do lunch. Choose a pair of Easter candy colored shorts such as pink, peach, mint green or soft yellow. Pair with a green or soft blue chiffon blouse for a romantic look. Delicate jewelry, simple heels and a structured clutch purse will complete this outfit.

2. Dress them up and pair your high waist shorts with a pretty blouse and a pair of low heels to create an elegant look. These are the perfect final touch to this look because heels add to the elongated look of the legs. You can also elongate your legs by showing more skin as long as you keep your top more modest.

7. Belts are a must with this look. Pick a skinny belt to draw attention to your high-waisted style. Or, if you want to emphasis your upper body and cinch your waist, a wide belt is a must! Don’t worry if you grab a pair that’s a little big on you, the style will look great with a belt, and the looseness throughout the butt and thighs will look more “street chic” than “Mom Jean!”

8. DIY (click on DIY) to give the trend a spin. Cut a pair of thrift store high waist pants into shorts. This easy fix for languishing high waist pants from decades gone by is a fun way to take your style in your own hands. Look for a pair of cotton twill pants that are a little big on you. Cuff the hems and add a patent leather belt to cinch the waist, or use a pretty scarf in its place.

... And I tried the look not too long ago, at a fete during Trinidad carnival 2012

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