St.Lucia Carnival 2012: Red Unlimited Costume Launch VIDEOS

Red Unlimited 2012 theme is Karnaval La Wivez. RED presented 7 sections tonight. The 8th section which is their Platinum VIP section was not presented, but will be presented for private viewing for those who jumped in that section last year. Registration down payment: $250 ECD (Eastern Caribbean Dollar) and registration has now started!

My favorites are The Rhythm of Life, Magique and The Sprit of The People. Since I watched this launch online, please forgive me if I did not get the costume colors right, I will update as soon as possible. In time, I will update with pictures too. Anyway I did make some quick notes! 

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Section Leader: The ? Brothers
Red and black
A lil' too busy for me, almost making it slightly tacky. Just so many lines (straps) and odd shapes or maybe it's the black bikini, the color combo seems off.
Female: Shoulder pads and some sort of backpack. Headband.
Male: Bikini brief and huge face mask!

Section Leader: Trevor King
Colorful, reminds me of Red's 2009 section Rio and God knows how I had loved that costume!
Female: Feathered backpack and headpiece
Male: Beaded necklaces .. take from your man after he uses! It will pair nicely with a white tank. Haha.

Section Leaders: Esma, Oneika, Analicia
Female: Leg and arm pieces, head piece
Male: Hat

Section Leader: Tovah, Krystal
Green and purple 
I love the crystal bikini waist band!
Female: Headband, huge feather arm pieces
Male: Gold face mask

Section Leader: Rochelle
Nude and blue
Let's just call Spirit of The People, TRIBE's 2010 Mystery of Loulan
I love that it is strapless, reminds me of my TRIBE 2011 costume Knights of Templar!
Female: Headpiece. One arm and one leg piece.
Male: Hat!

Section Leader: Andra
All copper not quite sure but I do like brown tone costumes
Female: I love the neck piece, reminds me of TRIBE's 2011 Mayan Eagle , seen below

Section Leader: Donavan
Pink and orange
Female: Most Lucian looking costume with a hat and feathers attached. The waist band reminds me of a cummerbund.  This costume reminds me of a Just 4 Fun type of costume.  ... And the bra seems familiar.

... And if you'd like to make plans to visit my island, here is my little St.Lucia Guide!

Photo source: TJJ, TCD, TRIBE

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  1. You are right on the money!! The last section the pink and orange does look just for fun like! And although I did initially like the brown and turquoise ( Kershelle's ) the next morning I wasn't to hot by the pictures as its not SHINEY! the difference in the day light is dramatic. The multicolour section looks gorgeous in the sun! ... Waiting patiently for the Ultra VIP! That and to see how much J4F upped their game!