St.Lucia Carnival 2012: Looshan Revellers Theme & Sketches

In 2010, former 1984 St.Lucia Carnival Queen, Erene Charlemagne founded the carnival band, Looshan Revellers and portrayed the theme "An American Indian Adventure". The band even promised to cater to the elderly who may have wanted to participate in the carnival festivities. 

When carnival was said and done that year, I was most impressed with Looshan Revellers when St.Lucian carnival was rebroadcasted on a local station. Again in 2011, while I sat at home pregnant and peeved that I was not part of the carnival excitement, watching Looshan Revellers "A Carnival Extravaganza" solidified my opinion that this small size band was visually dynamic, so eye catching across my tv screen.

So when I was informed that Lucian Revellers in 2012 is paying tribute to multiple crowned calypso monarch of Saint Luica, Ignatius “Invader” Tisson, I perked up. Invader was my favorite childhood calypsonian, and still remains my favorite, standing the test of time. His music has a nice groovy tempo and his lyrics are boss. For years, I never knew the face behind 'the performer's mask'.  *Singing, "So mothers hold to your children, becareful with the things you teach them" .... and OYE,  'Walk and Wine.'*
See the Looshan Revellers costume sketches  and listen to some of Invader's notable hits ... 

'Papa Vada' as he has become known has been recognized internationally for his contribution to the development of the calypso art form in Saint Lucia and as a prolific entertainer. He started off in the St. Lucian entertainment business on January 31st, 1983.

Papa Vader who is a four-time Calypso Monarch, seven-time Road March Monarch, one-time Extempo Monarch, two- time Soca Monarch, one-time King of Kings and the Buy Local Monarch says that he is extremely proud of his achievements. In 1999 he was inducted in the Baron Foods St Lucia Calypso Association Hall of Fame and was awarded the Saint Lucia Medal of Merit (Gold) in 2001 for Long and Meritorious Service in the Performing Arts – the first calypsonian to have been so recognized in both areas.

Invader’s contribution to our Carnival product is undeniable and he has over the years continued to entertain and educate as only a true calypsonian can. In addition to his many appearances on stage, Papa Vada also added to the face of the administration of calypso when he introduced the Soca Village International – a calypso tent which continues to produce quality artistes and entertaining music.

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Calypso Monarch 
2010 Stay in Your Section & Leave My Beaches Alone 
1993 King Tonight & Salbot 
1986 Aparthied & War Games 
1985 Carnal Knowledge & Help We Father 

Soca Monarch 
2001 Beh le Lesh 

Road March Monarch  
2002 Bo Bee Wia Wooyea 
2001 Beh Le Lesh 
1991 Whine Down William Peter (Tie with Buffalo’s Manje) 
1983 Yellow Man 

Looshan Revellers in 2012 will feature six male and female sections, all themed along the legacy of music Invader has brought us over the years: 
Section 1: Victoria 
Section 2: War Games 
Section 3: Be Le Lesh 
5: Ting Dook Section 
6: Casino/ L’Argent 

Queen of the Bands Costume: Walk and Whine Costume 

Designer: Debra Allen

Prices are US$200 or early bird special before June 15th US$150
The male sections: Taiwanese & War Games will be sleeveless and 3/4 pants.

Photos soon to come.


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