The 81st Academy Award Nominees

In 2001, The Academy nominated Denzel Washington for Actor in A Leading Role (Training Day) and Halle Berry for Actress in Leading Role (Monster's Ball).  I watched both movies before the award show.  I also watched other movies in the category that year, to have an unbiased opinion about who should win Oscar.  Ever since Halle & Denzel won and I participated in the process, I've found a new love and respect for the Academy.
I love the "Best Picture" category.  
I usually see ALL the movies in the category.  
Here are the 81st Academy Award Nominees:

IDEA: Make this the time to go to the movies.  At least watch all the movies nominated in the "Best Picture" category.  Host an Oscars or Hollywood Theme Party.  Have fun with this Printable Ballot.

Definitely worth seeing the nominees in the following categories:

... The following categories only appeal to me if the movie interests me or gets media buzz.  For example this year, Heath Ledger's role in "The Dark Knight" got much media buzz. I've seen it and thought he did an excellent job, and I'm not a Batman fan. 

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