Trinidad born singer Annya Li

Annya Li is a a singer/songwriter/dancer born and raised in the twin islands of Trinidad and Tobago. Annya began her journey as a singer at the tender age of five, when she first discovered her love for music. Annya’s passion for music started at the age of five and was nurtured into her teen years and at age fourteen she had already entered numerous school competitions and music festivals and began singing back ground vocals for a local rock band.

At fifteen she endeavored into local fashion industry and was soon regarded as one of her island’s top models, being featured on billboards, magazines, in many local and international runway events and music videos for major recordings artistes like Eric Benet, LL Cool J and Robin Thicke.

At 19, she studied at University of Hertfordshire in England. She explored and indulged her excitement and love for dance. Dancing allowed her to understand and appreciate the stage through the eyes of a performer and has given her the opportunity to experience major events such as dancing with Euro and trance DJ Armin Van Buren and at The 2006 Soccer World Cup in Germany.

In 2006 Annya returned to Trinidad and began working in studio with local producers creating a collection of work that defined her unique genre bending sound. There is no one genre that is particularly prominent in the music she creates, the sound of Annya Li can be classified mostly as pop. Her music comprises a fusion of sounds including R&B, Jazz, Rock, Eclectic Soul and Trance.

To tune in to the sound of Annya Li, listen here:

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