Travis McCoy and Dear St.Lucia, Amy too!

Only minutes before I read this Yahoo feature "Tragedy and terror threats," alongside was a picture of Amy Winehouse. The Yahoo article went on to state, "But it wasn't all about death and death threats this week, of course. Many pop-music It-Girls made headlines on the lighter side of the news, too. .... Katy Perry (singer of "I Kissed a Girl") became a single lady again after splitting from her boyfriend, Gym Class Heroes MC Travis McCoy."

Minutes later, another "ANONYMOUS" Sweet 7 reader drew my attention to a recent post on Travis McCoy's Blog, dated Tuesday, January 6th 2009. Travis writes to St.Lucia and shows some pictures with the locals and of his hillside suite at Ladera resort, overlooking The Pitons.

I miss you so much. I’m sure you I know i’ve been busy lately. Alot of things have changed since I last saw you. I need you now more than I ever have. You’re one of the things in my life that never changes. Please save a place in your thoughts for me. I’ll be done real real soon, then i’m coming right back to you. Love Always-Travie

Could he be referring to his recent break up with Katy Perry? Hmm.

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UPDATE on Amy Winehouse: Amy who visited St.Lucia for christmas, has decided to extend her stay for 3 months. Amy has even relocated to the locally owned, The Body Holiday at Le Sport, in the north of the island. I even caught a glance of Amy at a local bar, called Delirius, a couple of nights ago.  She is tiny in stature.

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