The Sweet 7 Favorite Quotes

When I walked into 2009, I was expecting a "just do it" year!  Never did I anticipate relocation news and although it was inevitable, the timing would have never been appropriate. ... And beyond that 2009 has brought some horrific news too, "things and time change!"  I needed to remind myself of what I believe in, and here a few of my favorite quotes:

From some famous people:
To be good to life ... live it! 
(Morgan Freeman) 

You can neither free me nor bind me 
(Maya Angelou)

Some people will like me and some won't. 
So I might as well be myself, 
and then at least I'll know that the people who like me, 
like me. 
(Hugh Prather)

Change will not come if we wait for some other person 
or some other time. 
We are the ones we've been waiting for. 
We are the change that we seek.
(Barack Obama)

From some friends:
Being civil is what seperates us (well some of us) from the animals. 
(Stacy Lubin)

Schedule: Salon, Spa, Shopping, Scotch, Sex 
(& The City movie that is) LOL LOL. 
(Malaika President)

From ladies in fashion:
A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous. 
(Coco Chanel)

This is called multi tasking in the power bitch world! 
(Kelly Cutrone/The Hills)

Style is the best way to sort of say who you are 
without having to speak. 
(Rachel Zoe/The Rachel Zoe Project)

A Prayer:
Lord, help me remember that nothing is going to happen today 
that together You and I can't handle 

... And the one I live by the most:
Everything happens for a reason!

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