Inauguration Party...Yes We Can

Here are some party ideas for your Inauguration Party
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Here are some simple cupcake toppers you can make to celebrate the upcoming Presidential Inauguration. All you need are some wooden picks, or toothpicks, a large circle punch (1 3/4 " to 2"), scissors and a glue-stick. Download a cupcake topper PDF and print on card-stock. Center the image in the punch and cut. The large open bottom of this circle punch makes it really easy! Place glue on the backs of the circles and sandwich a wooden pick in between two circles. For the triangle flags fold in half, cover inside with glue and place a wooden pick in the fold.

These cupcake toppers even make great stickers for party favors. Print the toppers on 1-up sticker paper (it's a solid sheet available at copy shops). Add a ribbon and the sticker to a miniature Chinese take out box and you have a festive party favor for your Inauguration celebration.

Here are the templates you can use:

2. Evite has also created a variety of Inauguration theme template invitations, and with their online RSVPs managing your responses has never been easier.

3. The offer a wide variety of buttons that are an excellent way to mark the occasion and will become keepsakes for your guests.

4. Obama photo cookies from They come in a boxed set or individually wrapped in clear bags. These would be great take away items or a tasty addition to your buffet.

5. Ever since word spread about the president-elect and his family’s fondness for Baby Boomers’ chocolate chunk cookies, the restaurant can’t bake them fast enough. 
How to Host an Inauguration Party for Obama
Serve some hors d'oeuvres: "Buffalo LEFT Wings," "Campaign Trail Mix?", "Lipsticked Pigs In a Blanket," "Sloppy Joe Bidens", "Barack of Lamb", and "Shredded Pork (Barrel) Sandwiches." Keeping the fun theme going for the drinks, why not create a shot and call them "Cheney Shooters." call the event a "Bye Bye Bush Bash," it might be good for us all to leave that day with a feeling of looking FORWARD.

Obama Family Recipes
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... And if you just want to celebrate without the effort, and ask years from now, your grandchildren will ask what you did to celebrate Barack Obama's inauguration. When you answer, don't you want to remember celebrating with millions of other Americans? A bunch of their allies, are organizing more than 3,000 inaugural parties across the country on Tuesday night.  You can find a party near you (or still host your own) at:

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