Birds of A Feather Makeup

Youtuber Petrilude uses a picture of a bird to do this tutorial, The Bird Is The Word!!  It suddenly clicked, since TRIBE's 2009 theme is "Birds of A Feather," I suggest that you search the web for a picture of the bird of your TRIBE 2009 section. For example, here are pictures of "Spangled Continga," ... the bird and the TRIBE section.

Now I am considering the following products and I will compliment my look with NYX Eyeshadow RUST to get the perfect look for Spangled Cotinga :
METALLIC SILVER Eye Dust Shadow KRYOLAN Satin Powder
ROBIN'S EGG BLUE Eye Dust Shadow KRYOLAN Turquoise

JET BLACK Aquacolor Eye shadow Eyeliner KRYOLAN Goth
Black Feather False Eyelashes Goth Cyber Drag Queen

Another suggestion, find a complimentary eye color to your carnival costume. You would simply use a traditional color wheel, locate your eye color on the chart and then find the color directly across the wheel. For example, you may have green costume … What is your complimentary color? Red. This does not mean that you will be wearing red eyeshadow! Choose a pretty brown with a red base versus a golden base or a purple versus a blue or green. Using your complimentary color is great for everyday, but keep in mind that there is no right or wrong. Every woman has her preference…

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