Makeup for ISLAND PEOPLE 2009 Sections

Trinidad Carnival 2009 is weeks away, I have provided Makeup Tutorials: TRIBE 2009 Sections and a few more for specific sections:
Makeup Tutorials - Caged Canary & Carnival Sections
Makeup Tutorials - Hummingbird & Midnight Bloom Sections
Makeup Tutorials - TRIBE Blue Sections

Since TRIBE got taken care of, I decided time to find makeup tutorials for ISLAND PEOPLE revelers, who will portray "Heaven on Earth" in 2009.

Angel Falls - silver and white
What makes this special or a great find is that this tutorial Party makeup for dark skin shows that Urban Decay is suitable for dark skin tones.

The Old Hollywood / Pinup: Beauty through the Ages tutorial reminds me of the makeup on J.LO in the Jenny From the Block video.

Afrodisiac - brown and cream or Chocolate/Caramel - brown, gold, yellow
I love the striking winged eyeliner in this tutorial, Cleopatra Makeup: Beauty through the Ages

Chocolate/Caramel - brown, gold, yellow
Depending on if you're chocolate or caramel add more or less gold, or more or less brown, check out Smolder Chocolate Smokey Eyes tutorial

Paradisius - dark green, dark blue or Carnival - green, blue, yellow, red, purple
This is the only section that I have provided an entire feature for before: Sweet 7 Reader's Request for Section Paradisius!
Green, Blue & Purple Eye Shadow Tutorial

Carnival - green, blue, yellow, red, purple
Lemon-lime sorbet

Christmas Day eyeshadow tutorial

Love - red, silver
Modern Geisha makeup: Beauty through the Ages

Smokey Hot Pink Look

Ocean Whispers - salmon, gold, blue
Jeweltone UV Neon Rhinestone Goodness!

Midnight Bloom - black, dark purple, green, pink
Metallic, Matte, Dark, & Light

This tutorial Glittery Night in Vegas is a smoky eye with glitter, he even explains how to apply glitter to your eye lid and how to get rid of glitter fall out from under the eye without messing up your makeup.

Rays of Light - yellow
Blue & Yellow tutorial uses yellow and blue, since rays of light are yellow and the sky is blue, this might be perfect!

Dream- purple, turquoise, blue
Purple and black makeup tutorial

Naturalmistic - yellow, white
Yellow, gold & brown makeup tutorial

Bright Yellow, with a touch of Green Tutorial!!

Touch - pink
White, Peach, and Pink eye Tutorial

I love the placement and sizes of the rhinestones applied to the face Fairy Makeup for Halloween

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