Brazilian Macaw Makeup

The Sweet 7 reader DQ said...
Hey, u forgot Brazilian Macaw! :(

Oops, in the Makeup for TRIBE 2009 Sections feature, I forgot all about the section Brazilian Macaw. So DQ, I am assuming this is your section during Trinidad Carnival 2009, so this is especially for you ...

Modern Geisha makeup: Beauty through the Ages

The Wizard of Oz Ruby Slippers Inspired Makeup!

The Alice in Wonderland Inspired Makeup How-To Tutorial (Creative Version) tutorial is a lovely blue makeup tutorial with glitter, rhinestones and beads. She even says the craft store "Michaels is dog poop, go to Hobby Lobby!" LOL!

Bright & Bold Red & Yellow eye Tutorial

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  1. Yes, this is indeed my section. Thanks for the post :)

    Good stuff by the way!