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My friend, Troy Marshall took some beautiful pictures during his recent trip to India.  Troy told me a lil' about his trip ... 

I got to go to India thanks to my Dad getting a job over there and thereafter my Mom moving too. I went over with the intention of spending Christmas with them. I was slightly intimidated at first, because of all the cautions I was given to be respectful of their customs, including 1) Never shake with the left hand. Right only! 
2) Women should really wear covered up clothes.

How can I describe India? The countryside is beautiful, and in some places, looks so much like the Caribbean. So much to see. The people are so willing to help and please you. Everything except maybe air travel is very cheap. The food, whether vegeterian or not, is fantastic. Besides that, all the food is free of the chemicals and preservatives you find so much of in the United States. The shopping ... CHEAP! The driving? LOL. Well yes, the way people drive is really something to behold. Seriously like a rollercoaster ride, and all day long horns are blowing.

I think my favorite things to take pictures of were the animals. Mostly the monkeys, since they are so common there and uncommon anywhere else. Next on the list would be the temples. They are intricate and grand. All in all an amazing experience. 
I am dying to get back there.

Troy Marshall Photography sells photo quality prints. 
Contact Troy with the print(s) and size(s) you want to purchase. 
Cost: 4x6 print - US$5 & 8x10 print - US$10. 
View the hi-quality images here: 

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