Alwyn St.Omer - Artist & StoryTeller

Newcomer to St.Lucian Carnival in 2008, La Mosaic Carnival (Mosaic...HD) band is headed and designed by Alwyn St.Omer. This year La Mosaic Carnival will be portraying the theme "Soucoyan" from the newly released graphic novel by Alwyn St.Omer.

Alwyn St.Omer comes from a very well-known St.Lucian family due to his family's contribution to the Arts, in St.Lucia. Last year till now, he and I have stayed in contact due to his carnival band, Mosaic. My mom on the other hand had this to say when she found I was going to feature him.

"Great Ny, seeing u doing a post on Alwyn. Thanks, do you know he was one of my first students to do O'level Art at CCSS (Castries Comprehensive Secondary School)?  He loved doing comic books with a local and cultural twist from school. He has grown to be a young family man who makes me proud!"

Born in Castries St Lucia in 1958. Alwyn St.Omer is the fourth child in a family of nine. His Mother Cynthia was a Secretary in The Prime Minister’s Office and his father Dustan St Omer a widely acclaimed St Lucian Artist.

As a child Alwyn often spent time indoors, rather than going out to play. He liked to daydream and inspired by the plentiful supply of picture books provided to him and his siblings by their parents, he started to draw and paint pictures.

He was also introduced to the illustrated classics as well as comic books. All of this stimulated his interest in reading and introduced him very early on to fairytales and storytelling in the picture format. Growing up in an artistic environment provided further inspiration for the young artist.

In his youth, Alwyn was privileged to witness plays performed by the Famed Arts Guild; plays steeped in the islands rich folk and musical Traditions that included some of the early works of St.Lucian Nobel Laureate Derek Walcott and his twin brother Roddy.

It is from this background Alwyn, the artist and storyteller has emerged! A creative artist with a deep passion and lifelong desire to document and to preserve his island’s Heritage. To draw, to paint and to rediscover the Treasure that is the great expanse of St Lucia’s Folklore, it’s Art it’s myths and it’s traditions.

The story you are about to read was written while Alwyn was living with his wife Marcella and their five children in the rural community of Mon Repos in the district of Micoud. They lived in a large traditional house surrounded by lawn and plenty of fruit trees, the Church was within easy access and the cemetery and the beach was just down the road.

Since his wife’s parents were from this community, there were plenty of visits from her relatives who had plenty of stories to tell. There were frequent parties and Cultural events including, Sewanal and bamboo bursting at Christmas time. It was in this environment that Soucoyan and many more stories were created.

Alwyn studied Graphic Art at the Edna Manley School for the Visual Arts in Jamaica and Video Production and Audio Visuals at Portsmouth College in England.

His work includes the Design of St Lucia’s National Independence monument. He is the Managing Director of St Omer Art Magic, Publisher of Sands Tourism Adventure Magazine
and the Wakonte series of children’s colouring books and comics. As an Artist, Alwyn specializes in Murals, Painting and Illustration.

Soucoyan - Alwyn St.Omer's New Graphic Novel

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