St.Lucia Carnival 2K-Wine: Royalites XTREME

The newly reformed band ROYALITES XTREME St.Lucia / UK was founded by a group of talented young St. Lucians based in the UK, undertaking to bring a new generation of St. Lucian carnival to the Nottinghill Carnival, in UK and St. Lucia Carnival in July 2009. Band Leader: Dayna Pascal

The band launched at Notting Hill Carnival 2008, the group pays homage to its ancestral origins in a reworking of traditional costume designs, injecting a fresh and modern twist, offering online registration, and to the effervescent spirit of carnival, with fun filled events, and revelry, culminating in a massive street party. XTreme also aims to highlight the wealth of experiences that St. Lucia has to offer by promoting local festivals and celebrations.

ROYALTIES XTREME teased St.Lucians with the display of one of their potential costumes in a press release to YO magazine! Their theme this year is "Africa Our Soul."

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