St.Lucia Carnival 2K-Wine: BAND UPDATES

Fantasy Carnival Band's website is finally live. The band will receive all of its costumes next week and will be doing a photo shoot during the course of the week so that they can put up all of the sections on the website. 

Red Unlimited (formerly known as Red International) overseas revelers have to contact Tamara Gibson-Marks directly either through the Red Unlimited website or the facebook group page to register.

Ooh-la-la! Carnival season is near!

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  1. wow,, im impressed w/ fantasy! and as for not surprised this was coming. i was hearing all kinda ting in o7, and plus that costume scandal in o8. i think the name red i'tnl is sexy some sum reason 8) and the logo isnt that bad. im really anxious to see wat this band presents this yr. im happy that slu carnival receives more attention than past yrs, but @ the same time, i dont want it to get too commercialized.

    i guess tings go be smooth for C2KX!!!