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I spent last weekend with friends in Toronto.  When we sobered up we started to talk about our needs for spa treatments (facials, massages, waxing and pedicures).  The most complaints were about our faces, problems consisted of pimples, scars, facial hairs, dullness, etc. That conversation sparked my memory about a post that I started in December that never made it to The Sweet 7.  So here goes ...

I don't consistently remove my makeup so my facial products must provide me with a scrub.  I like to get into those pores! LOL! So I loved Proactiv before I was pregnant and still do. ... And I recommend it to any one who suffers with really bad acne. It's just that when I was pregnant, I wanted a product that felt less harsh.  So I opted for the very affordable "baking soda."

Although in December, while in Miami with my parents before returning to St.Lucia for christmas, I looked at my over 50 year old mother's skin while I was layering my skin with makeup to hide my flaws.  I rather a scar to a bump on my face any day!  I can hide a scar with makeup!  My mother wears no make up and her skin is radiant.  So when her shopping list consisted of buying Olay Regenerist, I figured I better jump on her band wagon but she warned that Olay Regenerist was for older skin and kept it from aging.  She then advised me to visit Olay For You because everyone's needs and skin are different.

"Olay For You" wants to learn all about you and your skin and then talks you through your recommendations, tailored just for you.

So in December, I generally wore no makeup ... remarkably not even in the day, like I usually do. ... And when I did I only applied loose powder (I can't wait to post about my powder.) The Olay products tailored for me by "Olay For You" gave me exactly what I wanted glowing skin:

... And since I needed all the help I could get, I purchased their at-home Micro Dermabrasion Kit. Fantastic!  It does not burn or sting, very gentle yet effective!  ... And for the cost of getting a spa treatment, this $30 was so worth it!

The picture above was taken in December when I was using Olay.  ... And although I was on holiday in St.Lucia, I'd hate to believe that I was glowing because of the sunshine.  Then again, I may have been glowing 'cause it was Happy Hour!  LOL!
Absolutely NO MAKEUP!

Here are some YouTube - Olay Review videos

UPDATE: My mom sent me this today since I wrote this article:
younger looking skin in 28 days


  1. Thank u thank u thank u!! i will surely check them out cause god know I need some help. I'm tired of wearing makeup everyday

  2. No problem EmpressNatts ... it's my pleasure sharing my experiences. We all need a friend's help or suggestions from time to time.

  3. You knwo my mother gave me the same advice and I've used Olay ever since. I remember you commenting on my skin at christmas time and their no oil moisturizer is one of my secrets. I wash my face with west african black soap though but when i get a raise i might switch to an olay product.

    Take care,