Are you on Facebook? If so you may already know that Caribana carnival band, Carnival Nationz is conducting a model search. Basically they are looking for male and female models. Please send pics by email to ( or Facebook (look for the Carnival Nationz Group under his profile) or If you have already done so, thank you for your interest and someone will contact you very soon. They need 1 face shot, and 1 full body shot (costume or bathing suit shot preferred, no nudity, must be 19 and over). Models will be asked to complete 3 Carnival Nationz events ie band launch and photoshoot. Chosen models will receive CNz, IBz and D' Bandit perks and benefits. For example play mas with Carnival Nationz for 2009 Caribana and/or admission to 3 fetes of either D' Bandit or IBz (fetes TBA). All pictures must be in by March 24th.
Caribana - Best one day Carnival! LOL! 
Jumped with Carnival Nationz in 2008
HOT COSTUME ... the fit, MUAH!!
Carnival Nationz WICKED.

Carnival Nationz launches May 2, 2009


  1. ooh my here we go with the 'similarities'

  2. LOL ... After last year, this is another band I love!

  3. I cannot wait until carnival nationz band launch.
    I really enjoy carnival nationz band.

  4. Me too. Last year, Lucian Carnival and Caribana were a week apart, to participate was such a last minute idea. Thankfully for great Toronto friends and a last minute change of mind by another reveler which sold me her costume, afforded me another "best moment of my life!"