"Bad Girl" on the Bad Girls Club!

There's a bad girl in me, bad, bad girl
Do I set her free?
Arrest me Mr. Officer
'Cause I'm 'bout to break the law!

Janeen Simone is an IMEEM friend of mine who sent me her sultry hit, "Bad Girl" last November and wanted to know what I thought of it.

When I was first introduced to "Bad Girl" it was my birthday month and "Bad Girl" became my anthem for the ultimate (my) sign, Scorpio. LOL!  I told her that I posted her song for all my friends on Facebook and forwarded it to all my friends on IMEEM.  I also included her song in various playlists which I posted on The Sweet 7, Hi5 and MySpace pages. ... And the exact lyrics above were posted as my MSN screen name and Facebook status! LOL! I loved her song that much.  Some friends even questioned my sanity, while others were worried for my hubby!

Recently, Janeen's song "Bad Girl" was played during an episode of the Bad Girls Club on the Oxygen network.  Here is a link to watch a portion of that particular episode: "Bad Girl" on the Bad Girls Club! "Bad Girl" is also now available on iTunes!

Bad Girl - Janeen Simone

So happy for you Janeen!

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