Slammer Cutter a.k.a The HANGOVER Man!

Last Saturday evening, I'm relaxing at home with my hubby, and "Club StewFig" a.k.a "Nyree's Palace", in other words The Sweet 7's private dance club is in full effect. The drinks are pouring and I'm the DJ! LOL!  Within minutes, I was also reliving and playing mas, singing and typing via MSN messenger the words of "HANGOVER" to the HANGOVER man himself, Slammer Cutter.  Don't even ask! 

Beat de iron, play ya mas
Me head feelin mad, Me head feelin nice, Me head feelin gone
I drink too much rum

I love a good drink!  My father encouraged and taught my cousin and I to drink liquor from early. His reason was that if we were to go out with a young man, we would be able to handle our liquor.  He teases now he regrets that decision, especially since we can probably out drink some men, under any table!  

Those of you, who are not from the Caribbean, drinking alcohol is a major part of our socialization and culture.  It's not uncommon to sit in a local rum shop/bar and drink, catching up on recent news, politics, sports and gossip!  St.Lucians at any session (blocko/ fete) will never miss out on their barbecue chicken and rum.  LOL!  Generally alcohol is referred to as "RUM" despite the spirit of choice!

There is the old-wives tale about a lil' brandy in milk to help babies sleep.  Later, pre-teens are introduced to "Shandy" which is a combination of beer and soda.  By about thirteen/fourteen, wine may be introduced at a dinner setting with adults. Sixteen/seventeen is the age at which we graduate high-school and have the option to continue with college or to enter the work force, this is the time of trial and error.  By the time, I was off to college, I knew what I liked! Now I'm a connoisseur, of sorts!

Particularly rum, plays a part in the culture of most islands of the West Indies.  Rum served as a popular medium of exchange that helped to promote Slavery along with providing economic instigation for Australia's Rum Rebellion and the American Revolution.
Slammer Cutter a.k.a The HANGOVER Man!
Slammer Cutter's birth name is Stephon Corey Mark. Originally from Trinidad and Tobago but has resided over the last eight years in Toronto, Canada. Scarborough to be exact. This twenty-six year old is a Commercial Operations Manager for a Natural Gas Marketing company called Direct Energy in Canada who still  finds the time to perform in both Trinidad and Toronto and actually write all his songs. Last year, for Lucian carnival he wrote "She Looking for Cable" for St.Lucian artiste, Private 6.

Slammer Cutter loves music and cannot get away from the Caribbean culture. He has been on the scene for the last 10 years, getting involved by taking part in school competitions and community events. Being from Cumuto Village in Trinidad and growing up amongst artistes such as Bunji Garlin, Chopper and Bongo (God Father Crew) it inspired him to start writing and singing. Musically he can look at anything and just make up a song on the spot about it.

I asked, he answered ...

How do you balance both careers?
Balancing both careers can be quite challenging sometimes because I would love to spend more time on music by travelling to different carnivals worldwide and networking with other artist, Dj’s, promoters.  However I still have bills/responsibilities to handle so I need my 9-5 job as well!

Tell me a lil' about "HANGOVER."
Hangover is a song that deals with the after effects of drinking rum.

How did you come up with that song? Why HangOver?
I came up with that song the day after a boat cruise in Toronto. One of my friends who went to the boat cruise called me the next day and said he has a headache and in Trinidad we refer to that as a HangOver. We also say that the remedy for a HangOver is to drink what you were drinking when you got drunk so I then developed and structured the song around that concept. I wrote about HangOver because no one ever sang about that topic before. Everyone sings about drinking rum but no one never sang about the after effects.

Do you feel that HangOver is a responsible song? (... considering the attitude towards alcohol?)
Yes. At the end of the day people consume alcohol while partying during carnival but I always stress to my fans do not drink and drive.

Is there anything else you'd like people to know about "HangOver?"
I want people to understand that the song is a different concept and was produced by Kerwin Du Bois. HangOver will be one of those songs that never die because it is not specifically about carnival.

What has been the crowd's response to HangOver?
People are loving it worldwide and know the song even if they do not know who Slammer Cutter the artist is because I have been behind the scenes for years.

Do you have any plans to remix HangOver again? (I am aware of your chutney HangOver Remix with Hitman!) If yes, possibly with who?
Yes not sure I am trying to work with people from different islands to remix the song for their carnival. I am in the process of trying to remix hangover with Ricky T or one of them.

Do you have any plans to do a video for HangOver? If yes, what do you have in mind?
Yes, I have some different concepts that I am working through like a video whereby I went to a fete and got drunk and slept through carnival only to find out when I got up everyone around me has a hangover.

Can we expect to see you at any other International Carnivals in 2009?
I definitely plan to hit Caribana, Miami, Labour Day and will try to make Grenada as well as St Lucia this year.

Which band will you be on the road with for Caribana 2009?
I normally come down the road with Carnival Nationz or Jamal Magloire. I may be doing a video for Caribana.

What can we expect in the future from Slammer Cutter?
You can expect different styles of music like dancehall, reggae etc and creative topics that other people would not dream of singing.  MASHUP was an old song of mine before my break through with HANGOVER. If you hear the follow up for next year, called BAD WEATHER. LOL!

So after that eventful Saturday night, 
here's what I was singing on Sunday morning ...
I drink too much rum
All I need to get over this hangover is more rum!

Hmm. Not quite! I'm not drinkin' again!
Umm ... till next week!  LOL!

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  1. Yes, that is very true of the lifestyle of a west indian! I try to explain it to my american friends, and for the most part they don't understand. To west indians there is not such think as sobriety.

  2. Big up D Hangover Man!! We better be seeing him in Boston 4 Carnival ;-)