St.Lucia Carnival 2K-Wine: Red International

Red International Carnival band's 2009 theme is RIO!

"I can just imagine! Red International costumes are lovely en masse!"

Red International's first band meeting is on Tuesday 24th March 2009 at the CSA Centre, San Souci, St.Lucia from 5PM. At this meeting Red will reveal plans for 2k9 and wants to receive feedback and ideas as to what revellers would like to see for Carnival 2k9.

Red International's first event is on April 18th, a location is still being decided upon.




  2. THIS IS MY BAND for Carinival 2kwhine! YESSS, I cant wait to see pics of the costumes...

    BTW, I am soooo adding this blog to Ms.Zindzi's Fav. Clix AKA my blog-roll. LOL!


  3. well apart from the costumes bieng lovely as always. I hope that the situation changes with the drinks..i mean the revellers pay so much money for thier package and red always have a problem with the's either the bar is closed or most of the drinks are done before they arrive in castries

  4. Hi,

    Thanks for your comments.

    That seems to be a problem with some bands. The only band that does not seem to have that problem and I've heard that from a range of their revelers is Rituals. Rituals revelers say they get liquor from start to finish.

    I played with J4F last year, and there was a situation with drinks too. At one point they were no longer distributing water, 'cause they felt revelers were wasting it by pouring it over their heads and bodies!

    You've inspired a post on The Sweet 7 !

  5. Thanks...besides the drinks. I heard that Red Unlimited has a section where the body will be painted can't wait to see this. I have been revelling with just 4 fun for 5 yrs and i am a bit skeptical about the pre registration gimick please register before the launching and get a discount whereas you cannot see the costumes to choose your section. What if i donot like the costumes will i get a refund. Otherwise i can't wait for carnival 2K9.

  6. Like you, I too don't understand J4F, register before band launching. Anyway i have paid the $150 registration fee. All I know they better not expect me to be registered in any section that is not to my liking. 'Cause all I know and will hear is that I still have to pick my section!