Carnival Boots - Glitter & Decorating Tutorial!

This is my second video. Check out my boots!

Carnival Boots Decorating Tutorial from The Sweet 7 on Vimeo.


  1. Your boots look AWESOME!!!! I love how it is all glittered with a touch of bling. Great job :)

  2. I have a pair of black boots and wanted to do something different to it for carnival this video gave me some good ideas thanks

  3. Thanks Saucy! It's all because of your boot decorating tips!

    Hi SweetC,

    Thanks to the post by Saucy, "Boot Decorating Tips" was I able to get the nerve to decorate my boots. I was going to leave them silver.

    *Since you have black boots follow this tip from Saucy: If going from a dark colour based boot to another colour, spray the boot with a primer first in a lighter colour, for example white spray paint, and then spray it the colour you desire. Over all this may require four cans of spray paint; two as the primer and two to get the desired colour.

    Good luck!

  4. NYREE!!!! OMG gorgeous. So I won't be standing next to you on monday or tuesday unless I can work a miracle and find some affordable boots and raid Samaroo's next weekend!!

  5. Ok I read your blog all the time!! Never posted though yet until Isaw th ecomment before mine and your name is Nyree and so is mine :) I had to post and say Hello!!! I will look for you on Tuesday - I am in Bird of Pardise. I spell mine the same way and have only met two other Nyrees before and both were Trini.

  6. Hi Nyree,

    Nice to meet another Nyree. You're the 3rd Nyree I have met, but actually not in person. LOL! So I am yet to meet another "Nyree" face to face.

    Let's hope we meet on Carnival Tuesday. So tell me, what's up with Carnival Monday? LOL!

    Love Nyree