Final Results for Road March -Trinidad Carnival 2009

The final results for Road March are below:

1. Faye-Ann Lyons (Meet Super Blue)
2. Destra Garcia (Bachannal)
3. Machel Montano (Wild Antz)


  1. Yay! Congrats to Faye-Ann for all your wins this Carnival. You deserved this clean sweep! Woman power in full force!! Lyrical soca queen!! Love from your Arima fan!

  2. Not hating on Faye-Ann but I really think Destra should have been crowned Road March Queen.

  3. I loved Faye Ann, especially since she rocked that lil' pregnancy belly on stage but I too really enjoyed Destra's Bachannal. BTW Carol, what did you think of her "Obsessive Winers," now that was good too!