Trinidad Carnival 2009 - Kick Off!

I would feel terribly sorry if I was shoving Trinidad Carnival down your throat but by the tremendous response according to my site meter statistics, I know a lot of you don't mind! Tis' the season to be winin' and .... ! I'm certain you could come up with an answer to fill in the blanks! LOL!

Friends are making the trip to Trinidad & Tobago, leaving comments such as ...

"I know you are sad to see me go
... But stop crying before you flood the place!!!"

"For those of you heading to the Land of Oil and Music, Have A Safe and Happy Carnival!
And remember a wine is a terrible thing to waste. (LOL)
And remember please don't Drink and Drive."
Trinidad Carnival 2009
 I watched Groovy & Power Soca Semi Finals last night, during the Grammys. 
Amazing, what a world!

Anyway this post started really because my German friend Bettina sent this video to me, 
KMC - "I'm Not Drunk":

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