Valentine's Day: Men

Sweet 7 reader, Tuss left a message in the chat box, "Can you give us some Valentine's gift ideas for Men!! I really could use some help!" I acted quickly and responded, "Will do, give me till this afternoon!"

Well Tuss, like you ... I need help too!  So I thought of a few items that I may consider as gifts. Maybe now you will understand why I stay far away from any "shopping features for men." After considering additional ideas such as a local spa certificate, even a beer hamper and a cigar of the month club, none of these gifts quite impressed even me. LOL!
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So I resorted to asking a few of my male friends. Men do not seem like they care very much about Valentine's Day gifts (except for those who mentioned a nice watch or chain), instead this is what they have in mind. Not what I expected, but it certainly makes Valentine's Day easier! LOL!  Hope you can come up with a fun night or weekend!

1. A romantic dinner ... 
"A nice dinner with wine and champagne always makes me swoon!  But make sure you do advance planning way more than mere reservations. Have the restaurant prepare a table for you and have the wine or champagne chilling at the table before you even get there. View the menu in advance and order his favorite dishes; tell the server do not bring any menus! Have the dessert personalized. Stay in a hotel that night!"

2. A private, sexy weekend getaway for two.

3. Be his personal masseuse for one night.  
Prepare a bubble bath, get out the massage oils and give him a full body massage

4. Wear sexy lingerie ... 
"Have the strawberries and whipped cream on the side and show him a good time."
"Cook, music, and you know!"

5. Tickets for an event that interests him (sports, cinema, art show).

6. "Can't believe I'm responding to this: I' m somewhat of a hopeless romantic. Its the sign (the scorpio) you should be able to relate. I have a thing for seclusion and water. For me a getaway that involves, relaxing whirlpools and a sauna, is not only romantic but extremely sexy. So with that said I suggest a getaway to a nice hotel spa. I like Miami. A nice aphrodisiac dinner oysters and wine. And then retire to the confines of heated sauna, steam room or both where they can enjoy each other's sultry bodies, the rest is up to them. If that does not get him then he probably does not have a heart beat. hahahahahahahaha."

7. "Speaking for myself, gifts for Valentines Day are so cliche. Its a day of the expression of love, lust, passion what ever you want to call it."

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