Kanye's New Girlfriend Amber Rose

Have you seen Kanye West's new muse (chick), Amber Rose?

Forget my regular style hotties Rihanna and Keyshia Cole, this chick's style is SICK! I am loving it ... from her short blond boy-cut, to her crazy neon accessories against her villainous and chic black outfits, to her sexy-a** shoes, to her futuristic shades she sports and that Barbie pink bubble gum lipstick! Her look looks comfy, casual, sexy and yet not over done! Yet this chick lays on that "BOOM, BOOM, POW!"

... And her look seems so achievable! WICKED!

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  1. i love this amber rose piece, b/c from the time i seen her with kanye, i thought she was hot shit!