Slaughter Arts Studios - Upper Level Project

Slaughter Arts Studios has given us all the privileges to share the Caribbean’s hottest riddim ever from 2006 with the “Raa Raa riddim", and then hitting us with their 2007 "Soca Survivor riddim" along with the "Blue Tooth riddim" which had the air waves rattling and our body temperature intensifying uncontrollably. 

I guess these guys knew about the excruciating heat they brought to us all, and they just won’t stop, so in 2009 they are introducing something new and of course it gets better every year, Slaughter Arts gave birth to the "Upper Level riddim" but I should stand corrected, in 2009 its all about change and they are also coming out unique, Upper Level riddim has been renamed as the “UPPER LEVEL PROJECT”, new sound, new name, new art. Can you handle the heat?

Just a few of their very own gifted artistes will be featured on this scorching PROJECT, Nigel Nicholas ft Transporter with their new release "Fever", Emrand Henry with “Danger”, Kakle will definitely send you to your feet with “Dance Now”, Mac 11 with “Grind Up On It”, Private 6 with “Suffer”, the lovely and talented Kris Bailey along side their number one MC Scady will also be featured on this Project. Miss Princess comes from the heart of entertainment, California, could also be found on the Upper Level PROJECT.

So in 2009 everything becomes artistic inside the Slaughter Arts Studios and with their new Upper Level Project, they intend to send out heat waves with one hundred percent heat! The question is, "ARE YOU READY? Remember it’s not a RIDDIM, it’s Slaughter Arts PROJECT!"

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