Jockey ... Who knew?

Jockey introduced color to their  "Y Front" mens underwear in Europe in the wild and swinging 60's. America soon followed. Last summer Jockey re-celebrated the 60's with Jockey Colored Y Fronts in a retro design for men of the 60's and also for a new generation of men who perhaps wished they grew up in the 60's.

In this recent economic crisis, Jockey research proves sales are soaring as men use the colored undies to cheer them up.  Jockey sales of their coloured Y-front briefs have rocketed by an average of 60 per cent over the last six months.  Believe it, or not but men's favorite color is the baby pink. It has sold than any other color, seeing a 62 per cent boost in sales over the past three months. Other colours that have seen a hike in sales are baby blue, orange, and a pistachio green.

If claims that men are perking themselves up using their pants is true, it adds a new dimension to lipstick economics, the theory market ... watchers attribute to sales of small cosmetic items rising in a recession. The sales spike mirrors a similar effect seen in America during the great depression of 1935.  

Men seek an escapism, via their undies! 

So ladies men are choosing brighter undies. 
So if the statistics are accurate ... 
a lot more men you know are rockin' pink undies!

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