Twitter - My New Addiction!

A friend sent me an invite for Twitter in December. I registered but really saw no point in constantly having to sign in to Twitter to update my status every 2 minutes, like I usually do on Facebook anyway. Anyway, after Twitter was mentioned on The View a month ago, I thought I better pay closer attention. Bill O'Reilly visited The View and and insisted that Twitter decreases the popularity of talk radio shows. "This means that every American all 330 million of us can produce our own talk radio shows ..." according to Bill O'Reilly. I got that, but I still did not grasp the power of Twitter.

Night before Diddy in an episode of Making the Band ... said join him on Twitter and '' flashed across my screen. Since Diddy is one of my Top 5 boyfriends, I immediately added him as a friend in to discuss, Que's recent BITCHASSNESS. .. And in real time, I could share my opinion with the situation! At the same time, Diddy the business man that he is, tweeted, "To buy your new NO BITCHASSNESS Tshirts, hit me with ur info at Limited requests will be taken!! LETS GO!!!"

... And in that moment I got TWITTER! Twitter can be used to self promote!

The biggest shocker came yesterday when Diddy & Cassie tweet: 

RT @cassieventura Yeah I did it.... ...YEAH YOU DID DO IT, I LOVE IT. DARE TO BE DIFFERENT

So I clicked on the link and saw this ... 
Leaving me clueless about why Cassie would get such an odd hair cut but totally emphasizing that I need to get acquainted with Twitter. IT'S REAL TIME! So last night, I started to follow, adding news media, pop culture, entertainment, gossip blogs, musicians, celebrities and even President Obama to my list. Obama even cares about what I Tweet, he's following me on TWITTER. I can now send him a direct message. LOL!

But quite entertaining are those celebs. While I lay in bed on a Friday night, I lived vicariously through each: 

Estelle tweeted:

@cassieventura word. lock in girl the cut looks stunning! just stunning.

love @fatbellybella 's silver pants..dope! just dope! sis you killed em....i'm mad late on this one.

Kim Kardashian:

At Cipriani restaurant w @brittgastineau and @iprmktg. Just met Estelle @estelledarlings!!! My American Girl!!!

@cassieventura I'm here and I love it!!!

.... Ok, I hope you get it, TWITTER IS HOT OFF THE REAL TIME ACTION!

I searched for others with my name too.  I even found someone with the exact name, my first and maiden name.  CRAZY!  

Join me:     

... but I can't promise I'll always be good!  ; - P

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  1. LOL!! Twitter is my new addiction as well. It' intriguing that I can see what my fav. celebs are doing and thinking!!

    I'm still trying to figure it all out though!!

    Happy twitting :-)