My Favorite Tanning Oil and Blush!

My long time St.Lucian friend who has lived over twenty years in Boston, asked me "Which tanning oil and blush do I use?"  The reason her friend and now friend to The Sweet 7, Shannon wanted to know.  So Shannon, this post is for you!  

Interestingly enough, I wanted to do a post about my tanning oil while I  was in St.Lucia this holiday season, with wonderful background scenery of sunshine, by a pool or a beach but I thought who'd care.  LOL!  I even went to buy a new bottle simply to do that, hence the new bottle you see to the right.  Sadly, the picture reveals the cold weather, I'm currently in ... so the tanning oil has solidified.   All this bottle needs is a trip to some warm climate where it can be applied to bare skin to work it's magic. LOL!  
Proudly, I must tell you the oil is made in my island home, St.Lucia by Caribbean Blue, where you will find the finest 100% all natural sunscreen and natural repellent products.   The tanning oil which I use is "Tropic-Tan All Natural Exotic Tanning Oil." Fortunately, for you ... it is available for purchase online, US$14.95!  YAY.  Another product that people seem to like is the insect repellent. I don't use it 'cause I hardly get bitten!

The pictures reveal what St.Lucians call a "blem" me (a no-color me). This is what I look like when I lived in Vermont, even now Virginia, this is my snow weather skin color.  Even check out the middle picture, my slight exposed tummy is so light.  That by the time I get home to St.Lucia, I get jokes for my pale skin, as I am desperately in need of a tan.

... And below are pictures of me after I used the tanning oil. The one on the left reveals tan lines while the picture on the right is from this christmas!

Shannon also wanted to know which blush I used, after she saw a few posted pictures from this weekend. In March 2009, I started to use a new blush and posted all about it here ... And I still use it now!

Hope this helps, Shannon!

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