White Wine - Sutter Home Moscato

I am a huge fan of Verdelho, ever since I went to various vineyards in Sydney, Australia. Anyway, I've had Moscato too, but tonight I open up a bottle of wine sitting in my fridge that I received as a hostess gift. It is Sutter Home Moscato - California 2008, talk about DIVINE. I like sweet and not dry! So I had to research it ... and to make it perfectly right up my alley ($5.99), it is rather cheap. Let's see what the effects are in the AM! Anyway here's a lil' info about this Moscato:

Moscato: Something about the sweet, creamy, peach flavor makes you feel like maybe it shouldn't pair with dessert so much as replace it. Extravagantly perfumed, with beautiful scents of white peaches, rose, and lichee. Well-balanced with good acidity and a lingering finish of sweet and creamy peach and honeydew melon flavors. Light-bodied to enjoy as an aperitif or pair with fruit, light cheeses, sorbets (strawberry, peach, pear, or apple), and other light desserts. - Sutter Home

Sutter Home Winery has been producing this classic,fragrant, light-bodied dessert wine from the Muscat grape for over 50 years. Moscato is the Italian name for Muscat. It is vinified from grapes grown near Madera and Fresno in the Central Valley of California. This is an extravagantly perfumed wine, with beautiful scents of creamy white peaches, rose petals, and lichee fruit. The luscious peach and honeydew melon flavors are sweet and creamy, well-balanced with good acidity and a long, lingering finish. This superb, light-bodied dessert wine is one of America`s great wine values. Enjoy as an aperitif or dessert wine pair with fresh fruit, light cheeses, fruit tarts or sorbets (especially strawberry, peach, pear, or apple) and other light desserts.

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