You, TJJ and Carnival 2010 ... The Trailer

Wooyyyyyy. (a good woy ... lol) 

Talk about anticipation, the video below left my heart racing.  "I used to be in Vermont but I'm currently in Virginia, and I'M FREEZING!"   ... And the background music, KILLA!

People .... less than a month, it's Trinidad Carnival 2010. Hopefully those who have never jumped TRINIDAD Carnival will be called and even my parents who just can't understand why it keeps calling me ... I hope you get it after seeing this! LOL! 

You, TJJ and Carnival 2010 Trailer [HQ]

It's out of body and heavenly bliss!

TJJ 2010 Carnival coverage will be airing soon on T&T local channel WIN TV (Channel 12) for "You, TJJ and Carnival" 2nd season. Which you can also view live online @ or On Demand @ Every Wednesday at 9PM only on WIN TV!

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