Carnival Sweat-Proof Foundation & MakeUp

I love Youtube makeup videos, but I must give credit to Saucy of Trinidad Carnival Diary for discovering this video below, "Trinidad Carnival 2010 Sweatproof Foundation & MakeUp" by MsQueenofBling. I really was not going to post until, I saw the next video posted by MsQueenofBling, "Scarlet is so hot!" .. she reveals her husband's favorite full wig, named Scarlet by Beverly Johnson but what really got me was 50 seconds into the video, she busts out with "Looking Hot" by Patrice Roberts. LOVES IT. LOL!

The video below is MsQueenofBling's test on her foundation and makeup after a 2 hour intense workout at the gym.  All the effort and commitment because of her love for Trinidad Carnival and a perfect sweat proof face for the road!  Over the last couple of years, I use M.A.C Prep + Prime Face Protect SPF 50 which she recommends, in addition to Mac prep + prime eye.  ... And my makeup stays on! From watching numerous Youtube makeup videos, a lot of ladies believe in Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion.  Have fun shopping!  LOL!

MsQueenofBling's Carnival Sweat-Proof Foundation & MakeUp
... and a couple more suggestions from me!

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