Let's Talk About Pep

It was the mid-eighties, and the usual summer holidays in Miami, Florida.  My parents always found activities to keep the family entertained.  On that day, my mom had read that Salt n Pepa were going to visit the music store in WestLand Mall, in Hialeah to sign autographs for fans.  Yep, that was the time they broke out on the scene with their hit single, "Push It."  I remember that day, not only was the awaiting line of fans extremely long, but we lined up for hours and at least in the time we stood there, the ladies were a no-show.  ... And being 7, and my brother 5, we were wondering "Who is Salt N Pepa anyway?"  So we left.  

But who would believe that after all those years, there's such a thing as reinvention and staying power.  Well such is the case with Salt N Pepa, especially Pepa who has reinvented her look by slimming down and a nose job.  I am a big fan of Pepa's new Vh1 Show, "Let’s Talk About Pep.”  Cheryl “Salt” James is the executive producer of the show.

Let's Talk About Pep is a real life comedy following Sandra "Pepa" Denton of Salt-n-Pepa fame as she emerges from several years of romantic and sexual dormancy, brought on by some seriously lousy relationships. Now she's ready again to search for love and action in the capital of hooking up, New York. She's joined by three friends,  Joumana Kidd, Kali “Kittie” Troy, and Jacque Reid also trying to negotiate the romantic minefield of NYC.  

This show reminds me of an URBAN "Sex and the City."  It's "Sex and The City" for women of color."  LOVES IT!  
Mondays @ 10:30 PM ET on Vh1 or watch it online!

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