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Where do I begin ... without giving it all away? So the other night, my daughter and I are in bed, looking at Youtubers make their own wigs, when we come across this video below, "化粧 スパンコール Makeup Spangle."

All I saw was sequins and a feather, and that was enough to make me click on the video. So I see, a Chinese / Japanese plain Jane girl, no offense! ... And really, at that point I could not wait to see what she would know about "sequins." I expected one of 2 outcomes, either total boredom or hilarity. Shame on me, I know, but I got neither. 'Cause I anticipated the worst ... I got a shock of a lifetime! LMAO.

In this video, I loved the quirky music, which starts off, "Ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, Tokyo Disneyland proudly presents StarLight Fantasy!" Talk about grabbing my interest, but wait ... the last 2 minutes. SENSATIONAL! She went from plain Jane to burlesque dancer, I even saw a possible Quentin Tarantino movie star!

So I clicked on another video, "Makeup Arabia" ... more great music, and theatrics.

Makeup Flower Garden ... is my daughter's favorite video. I LOVE IT TOO!

So after watching more of her videos, I realized she's the first person I've seen apply 3 eyelashes on one eye at a time. The first person who really creates wonderful Youtube videos. Her attention to detail is out of this world. I so love her futuristic white and silver apartment too. I can go on and on but it's your turn to visit her Youtube channel and watch her videos yourself. She has plenty great videos, with bright hues of blue and green. Just a variety! Let me be the first to introduce you to, ManWomanFilm.

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  1. she recently won the japan next up competition too