Makeup for RED Carnival Sections

Youtuber XXTheIslandBeautyXX is a Jamaican beauty, living in Japan with a real feisty attitude. That's the lil' I do know of her. It's refreshing to see a black girl or woman of color doing Youtube makeup tutorials, and her skills are up to par! The video below is a 'red' makeup look. So Serica and Silk of Rajasthan, this is for you! She also uses an eyeshadow pigment, Red Wine by Playgirl which upon further research is a product from Trinidad and Tobago.

"CARAMIA Cosmetics (Carasol Ltd), the local manufacturer of CaraMia Cosmetics, also distributes Playgirl loose eyeshadow pigments. Colours like 14k Gold, Red Wine, Aquamarine and Blue Satin are true eye-openers." - The Trinidad Guardian

By the way ... slight boredom yesterday evening led me to this Lady Gaga inspired look.
The pink lipstick is thanks to my daughter's makeup bag!

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