Baby, Toddler to Kid Swim !

My 4 year old daughter has started swimming lessons this Fall.  Don't mind the picture with the 3 lil' girls below, it's really 2 in class. From the time the class starts, the lil one with goggles has her parents wrapped around her finger.  She whines on the sidelines for the entire half hour of swimming lessons!  I *SMH*!

Now that my daughter is trying to become a lil' independent swimmer, I must share the swim training floats that made this gradual transition easy. Who knew? As I sit to write this post I discover that the following products come from the same company, Swim Ways.

Baby Spring Float - Assortment: Swim Steps 1 - Water Introduction. The quintessential baby pool float in three distinctive styles: Ladybug, Water Lily and Sports. Ages: 9-24 months.

I loved 'cause my hands could be free! ... And as she got familiar with it, I could comfortably stay steps away from her in the water (I would not try that in the ocean). 'Though, I will admit, watch it and your baby. They do outgrow it, as they become more daring in the water.  My daughter would try to wiggle out of it, as she got older!

Power Swimr: 3 various sizes. My lil' transitioning swimmer used Power Swimr - Medium. Ages: 3-6 (Approx. 35-55 lbs.)

Nicknamed Mr.Seal in our household, I loved 'cause she did not sink! ... And just like getting rid of binky (pacifier) and the potty / toilet training stages, the time does come to say time to grow up!  Time to learn to swim.

I can't wait till she starts tanning with me.  LOL!

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