Gifts for a 4 Year Old Girl

My daughter is now four. No longer will I hear either, "Mom, I no longer want to be three!" or "I don't want to eat, I want to stay 3." Haha. 

She does not ask for much. I've taught her to walk through the aisles of a toy store, and as she picks up, I tell her it's either too expensive or not age appropriate or simply NO! ... And she does not fuss, the item goes back to the shelf. So for her 4th birthday, we took her to DisneyLand in California and being my lil' fashionista, even for bed time, we bought her a Disney licensed night gown! She loves nighties but just hated having to take this picture. LOL!

As her parent, I like toys that encourage creativity and imagination!

199-Pc. Giant Fun Box $7.95

Step2 LifeStyle Custom Kitchen $69
(from Granny and Grandpa)

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