My Daughter Ava-Sol Turns 4 ! Looking back ...

My daughter was the reason I started 'The Sweet 7'.  She was just born and I was petrified to leave my house. Despite wanting to go to a mall and shop, it all seemed a chore ... the stroller and packing the baby bag. Even the thought of her crying and bawling in a store, I just had no clue how to deal. Also I was no longer, my pre-pregnancy size so that was depressing too. The Sweet 7 began because I could sit in the comfort of my home, simulating shopping and not spending a cent. It also was a way to reconnect with the outside world!

My daughter turns 4 later this week and I seem to be reminiscing. Today is also her first day back at school since school closed for summer.  I just can't believe it!
F O U R !

Ordinarily, I would not share my private videos but I am such a proud mom.  When I'm long dead and gone, she may see this and be thrilled!

I LOVE YOU, AVA-SOL!  You are my living angel!
... And we're all proud of you!

Our First Movie

Ava Sol on a plane to Amsterdam (...and she's still quite the best lil' traveler!)

Ava Sol is dancing

Ava Sol draws (has to be my favorite video!)

Ava Sol's First St.Lucian Carnival 2kGreat!

Ava-Sol learning to talk

Ava-Sol First time jumping Lucian Carnival 2010

Ava Sol in Ballet Show with Miss Lisa

Ava-Sol writes and rhymes

Ava-Sol wants camera time

Ava-Sol sings "Love the Way you Lie"


  1. i watched every single one. SHe is too precious. You should be soo proud!!
    She's a wonder.:)

  2. Sweet 7 I love your blog and the little one is so precious. keep up the good work... Cheers