Swirl it Up: 20 Hottest Mixed Couples

The other day, I took to FB after looking out my living room window and noticing a group of friends ... and said, "I'm disturbed by seeing a group of 10 white friends socializing outside. With not one friend of another race.  Why don't people mix?"

Only to have a friend ask would I feel the same if it had been a group of all black friends. I answered, "Honestly, I'm not sure!"  But I do know it's one of the reasons I never really befriended African Americans in college, cause they always stuck to their own.  In fact, they were not very friendly with us, Caribbean students either, despite some of us being "black" like them.  

I don't know exactly how I got into liking "THE SWIRL" but I am strong believer that being "open" to other races, cultures, just all types of people has exposed me to worlds that I never even knew existed, by taking me out of my comfort zone.  ... And I can recollect so many situations that I have been in, just being the odd one out. Yet, I have enjoyed every minute of it!

A few examples ... 
Had it not been for Arab boyfriends ... I probably would not have known about grape leaves with rice, tabbouleh, kibbeh
Had it not been for my Trini-Indian college friend ... I probably would have never been to Trinidad Carnival.  
Had it not been for an Indian college friend ... I probably would have never been to a traditional indian wedding, wearing a sari.

Even meeting my husband who is hispanic, had he not been open to reggae/dancehall, soca ... he would have never been at that Fifth Element fete in 1998, which changed his life forever. Umm, referring to him having met me!  LOL!

With that said ... I'm all for the swirl.  May it be friendships or relationships.

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