Music Shake ... latest creative addiction!

My latest addiction is Music Shake ... listen to my latin track, "Left Me Standing Here - S(he) walks away from me on the street, leaving me to ponder!"  Yep, that's the story line!

MusicShake is the super easy and user friendly application to create your own music without having to go through the hurdle of learning an instrument, taking music classes, or owning professional audio gear. All you need is a PC and an internet connection to start creating your own tracks.

Musicshake provides more than 550,000 copyright-free music samples in many genres and instruments. You can even record your own voice!Just put your mouse over a music sample, listen and if you like it, simply click and choose. Musicshake's innovative algorithm - the Music Robot - does the harmonizing for you. You do not have to worry about making something that sounds good. We will make sure that everything sounds good.Create your own music and share with your friends. Becoming a musician is a No-BRAINER!

Sweet7's "Left Me Standing Here" 

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