Benjai at TRIBE I.C.E

Benjai was taunting the TRIBE I.C.E crowd, "You feel it's 2 chune alone I have?" Then he sang the next. "All you feel it's 3 I have?" ... And he continued, till I myself was shock.  'Cause I know them all.  I've played mas for the last eight or so years.  I've heard his name and seen it on CDs too. He's on a few St.Lucian riddims too. Yet, I never realized Benjai was the one man behind all the songs, until last night. After last night, I am a major Benjai fan.  He was boss! ... And don't even talk about his 2011 soca release, "TRINI" .... WAH, I'M IN LOVE! I feel like he out me with that 'TRINI' song. 

Benjai at TRIBE I.C.E 

TRINI (Soca 2011) by BENJAI 

I'm telling you ..
I partying till it rain, nah nah
I dressin' up in meh red, white and black
I doh care what nobody say
Every carnival I done deh
Plus I know all artistes and all the mas bands
Dem say I mad and I bad, I tellin you
Where ya from?
I'm from Trinidad and Tobago
Iza Trini, Ah Trini, Iza Trini, Ah Trini

Cause they love how Trini does look, look, look, look, look
And they like how Trini does cook, cook, cook, cook, cook
And they like to hear Trini talk, talk, talk, talk, talk
And they like Trini woman wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk, wuk
And we make good company, and we make good company, and we make good company

(I attempted to write out the lyrics. I love it so!)

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  1. I have been playing Benjai's songs all weekend. Specifically "Wine to the Side" and "Trini", I wish I was going Trinidad this year to get on to these tunes. 2011 is Benjai's year!!