OMG ... tears. I have a wonderful story behind this story.

JOHANNE+DAVE (wedding) photos in MEXICO
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I AM A SOCIAL NETWORK ADDICT! Long before my 25 hour a day Facebook addiction, I was a Hi5 queen and although I'm on MySpace, it has always bored me. Then, there was MSN messenger, I used to be signed in 22 hours a day.  Now not at all, replaced by my Crackberry which is at arm's length even when I'm in bed (particularly Blackberry Messenger)! As for Twitter, I can't be bothered to update my status both there and on Facebook. I would have to be committed to a psych ward!

... And 'though I send out brutal mass messages, cursing out those who choose to share my Blackberry PIN. I also hate the friend requests sent with no short message. Believe me, I'll read anything but nothing, no short message with a slight intro to help your cause as to why I should add you to my friend list. And I particularly hate when a St.Lucian who has never attempted to say hello, much less wave me, sends a friend request ... I get really pissy! Cynical more like it!

Yet, I thank such social networks for my numerous online and sometimes random friendships.


Pascalle and I met on Hi5, in about 2004.  During those Hi5 friendship days we chatted about everything, and loved basically the same things. We always had the husbands, but no children.

... And before we knew it, we were both knocked up by the Spring of 2006. Our kids were born a couple of months apart by that year's end. ... And then we both became bloggers.  I started this one and she was "Hot Mama" of the blog, "Hot Mama Daily." Even as first time moms, we rolled with the punches, laughing, sharing and totally believing we were still sexy beings.  LOL! Pascalle no longer blogs today.  ... And recently beat me to the second round of child rearing by welcoming her second son into the world.  

What really endeared Pascalle to me was her trip from Montreal to our home in Vermont for my daughter's, Ava-Sol's first birthday in 2007.  Funny, 'cause she had never met me (or any of us) in her life, yet drove 2 hours with her husband and son. Funnier still was her husband's reaction when he got out the car, knowing I was a complete stranger, and I thrilled with their arrival saw his dumbfounded and *Oops, it's too late* expression.  LMAO. 

The story goes like this while he pulls up in the drive way:

Her hubby: How do you know her? From your NYC days?
Pascalle: No.  I know her from Hi5!
Her hubby: WHAT?!?

... And there I was running to hug and kiss her.  Like she was some long lost friend.

Here are some pictures from that day. It was also fantastic party conversation, my guests thought us both CRAZY! ... And our friendship blossomed, as we joked about the experience of our first introduction.

Pascalle nicknamed Ava-Sol "Lil Star."

My caption for this picture:

Ava-Sol: Wow, aren't our mamas crazy?
Justin: Yeah, they met on Hi5 and now I'm at your party!
Ava-Sol: I'm a Spanish chica!
Justin: I'm a French homme!

Pascalle cracked me up with her conversation tags for this picture ... 

PASCALLE introduced me to her cousin JO (seen in the wedding pic above)!

Inauguration of 44th President of The United States, President Obama
Tuesday, Jan 20, 2009
Story from my Facebook album ... 

On the Monday, January 19th at about 11AM, I was chatting on MSN with my friend Pas.

Yes, Pas .. the random friend I met on Hi5, years ago. And yes, the same Pas who never met me in her life before but had her family drive two hours from Montreal to Burlington for Ava-Sol's first birthday. She told her husband only minutes before walking into my house that she only knew me from Hi5. He was like "WHAT?!?" Great story, by the way!

Anyway Pas' MSN screen name said she was off to Washington, DC, flying out of the Burlington, Vermont (BTV) airport. I was like you're off to DC this afternoon and you did not tell me. I said "HOLD UP! Let me get back to you!" Next thing in that split second I was packing. Pas and her cousin Jo, drove to Burlington, Vermont for their Baltimore flight. Ava-Sol and I, we too were on that 4PM flight to Baltimore for Obama's Inauguration, the next day.

Talk about "JUST DO IT!" LOL! ... And that was now only the second time we've ever met. Better yet, I made another friend, thanks to Pascalle, her cousin, Jo(hanne). What an experience. I could not have asked for two better people to spend such a historical moment with. Despite our frozen fingers cause it was just so cold that day, Jo still managed to take pictures. LOL!

... And Pascalle responded, "Amazing story, eh? And I'd do it ALL OVER AGAIN in a heartbeat! Had a blast darling! Let's do it again, but this time let's be kinder to our fingers and toes and go somewhere WARM! HOLLA! (((HUGS))) -P xoxo"

Night Cap: End of Inauguration Day!
Ella meets Pascalle & Jo for the first time. 
Story from Facebook Album

What a long day, the day of the inauguration. We woke up at 3AM. Basically only sleeping for 3 hours that night. My friend Ella kept Ava-Sol while Pas, Jo and I went to the inauguration. So in the night, Ella and Allison (Pas' friend also living in DC) joined us for dinner.

The restaurant we had in mind was packed and the waiting time a bit ridiculous. So we decided to go to Red Lobster for dinner. The sound of cheese biscuits got our attention, since none of us had eaten since breakfast!

After that long, tiring and frigid day, instead of a single shot, Jo got Ella and I tempted by asking for a double shot of liquor. Before we knew it, the waiter was hooking us up with drinks. We drank, ate and watched the Inauguration Ball in Red Lobster.

Good times for basically random strangers. You'd swear we knew each other for a life time. That's what life is about!

Thanks Obama.

Here are pictures of Ella & Jo, excited over that double shot margarita!  LMAO.

... And look for Ella in pictures at Jo's wedding in Mexico.  My invitation never came in the mail, and by the time Jo reminded me, I was in Thailand. FUN TIMES.  We do have a ladies vacation in the works. Warm weather, of course!  WINK!

BTW ... a few weeks ago in my post, "Nicole Richie's Grace Kelly-inspired Marchesa Wedding Gown," I promised to get a picture of Fiori's Bridal store in Vermont. I got one picture, driving by ... but I am sharing my Facebook album, "Vermont Wedding Bliss" for you to see some of their beautiful wedding dresses.

such beautiful photos and memories! 


  1. OMG Ny... LOL! Wow.. reading this post really makes me realize that yo.. WE ARE CRAZY INDEED! LOLOLOLLL!! What laughs our kids are going to have on our behalf. Despite how insane our 'how we met' stories are, once again, I wouldn't trade it for the world. Some chances in Life are worth taking--look at the wonderful ppl I met b/c of Hi5! Wonderful post, Ny. I am honored to call you a true friend... 'Til the next crazy trip... -P xoxo

  2. Awwwwwwwww< I'm tearing up reading this post! wow... just wonderful... Thanks for bringing two gems into my life.We never know what life hands to us but there are a few special moments that will truly never be forgotten and this really may be one of those times.