St.Lucian Mara Thompson Elected to Barbadian House of Assembly

Aunty Jeannine got married Saturday, May 4 ... many years ago. I won't say the year, 'cause I can hear her say, "Nyz, you can't reveal my age. ... And please stop calling me Aunty!" Anyway I remember the year, 'cause it was a very busy party weekend. That Saturday, I was the flower girl in Aunty Jeannine's wedding and the Sunday, I made my First Communion. So that weekend, 'I got my hair did' and got to wear some of the prettiest lil' dresses!

Today, I am proud to share, Aunty Jeannine's sister, Aunty Mara and widow of late Barbados Prime Minister David Thompson, made history in Barbadian politics last night, by being the first St. Lucian woman to win her late husband's St. Johns Seat 4613 to her opponent Hudson Griffith’s 553. Amidst controversy from statements made by opposition leader Owen Arthur, "Mara Thompson’s candidacy an ‘insult’ to democracy."

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Well Mr Arthur, Mara Thompson is the newly elected member of the Barbadian House of Assembly! Love it!

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